Sample collection in 7 districts for sero surveillance completed

ICMR team will take 500 samples from 10 districts, 240 from common people and 260 samples from high risk classes from each district

Raipur, Sep 24: In Chhattisgarh, sample collection work has been completed in seven districts for sero surveillance. The ICMR team is compiling 500 samples from ten districts of the state to find out the disease resistance against corona infection in common people and high risk groups. These include 240 samples from the general public and 260 samples from high risk groups. A total of 3500 samples from seven districts have been collected so far. Their report will help in preparing an effective strategy to deal with corona infection in the state. The National Health Mission, Chhattisgarh, under the Department of Health and Family Welfare, is conducting sero surveillance by the experts of ICMR.
Samples are being collected from three clusters of two development blocks each of ten districts selected for sero surveillance. It covers both rural and urban areas. The ICMR team has conducted a sample collection at Assena, Biladi and Khauna of Tilda development block in Raipur district and Serikheri, Silayarikhurd and Sankra in Dharsinwa (Raipur).
Samples have been compiled for sero surveillance from Motipur, Selud and Kharra of Patan development block in Durg district and Mohlai, Samoda and Kokdi of Durg development blocks. Samples have been taken from Ranka, Murmunda and Medha of Dongargarh development block in Rajnandgaon district and Surgi, Rengakathera and Nawagaon in Rajnandgaon development blocks.
In the second phase, the ICMR team conducted a sample collection in Balodabazar-Bhatapara, Bilaspur, Mungeli and Janjgir-Champa districts. These include Godhi, Kesla and Gurra of Bhatapara development block of Balodabazar-Bhatapara and Korba of Balodabazar block, Panagaon and Tinda, Bacharawar of Pendra development block of undivided Bilaspur district, Beltara, Birkoni and Khamtarai of Patgawan and Girari and Bilha (Bilaspur) blocks, Bhilai, Dhuma and Belasuri of Patharia development block of Mungeli and Chamari, Boda and Bhathari of Mungeli block, Janjgir. – Dhurkot, Khokhara and Sarkhan of Nawagarh (Janjgir) development block of Champa and Birra, Choria and Kosmanda of Bamnidih (Champa) development.
The samples will be collected by the team in Korba, Jashpur and Balrampur-Ramanujganj districts in the third phase of the sample collection. These include Arda, Batari and Bhilibazar of Katghora development block of Korba and Barpali of Korba development block, Bhaisma and Dondro, Karsai, Kolejaria and Bhelwan of Farsabhar block of Jashpur and Arra of Jashpur development block, Banaibra and Gamharia, Chatrapur of Ramchandrapur block of Balrampur-Ramanujganj, Chatrapur, Sundarpur and Dhauli of Balrampur development area and Tatapani, Sendur and Dhangaon of Balrampur block.

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