‘Rural students not keen to study online’

Many not having smart phones and good connectivity in rural areas

Fingeshwar, Oct 15:
There is adverse situation in schools and colleges in the name of studies in rural areas during Covid-19 pandemic. As such the children from rural areas are least interested in studies and with school remaining closed due to Corona virus, the children instead of opting for solution are wandering here and there.
As such the school education department has made education online for all classes and amidst corona pandemic majority of students’ are far-away from online education.
So finding plenty of time, the rural children are either spending time in catching fishes from pond or playing Kabaddi and sometimes get time they are busy with their mobile phone playing mobile games instead of studies.
Amidst lockdown also the school and colleges were offering online studies and children were also given homework online. The teachers are also teaching students online through WhattsApp.
But if the parents are to be believed then there is gross difference between online education and the one taught in the Classrooms. There are many lacunae coming to fore in this system and the syllabus being taught to students is bit difficult for them to understand without any text-books in their hands. As such all this is leading to sheer loss of studies and with this online system the burden on students is increasing each day.
Set aside this the online pattern of studies is resulting in spending more time on screen, be it mobile or laptop or computer screens and this is having harmful effect in their eyes. Studying with mobile in their hands and small letter is at one place very complex and difficult and the students not having smart phones are having no other option, but to wander here and there and online education is just a formality being fulfilled in rural areas and parents are very much worried about education and future of their children.

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