Royalty theft by sand mafia

Central Chronicle News
Rajim, Sep 24: The sand mafia, active in the region are openly hoarding sand from the Trivini Sangam river, but there are also reports pouring in that the mafia, is also engulfed in royalty theft, which is an eye opener to goal towards economy appraisal of the State .
With sand excavated at a very high pace, the river bed and its confluence both are affected by erosion and litter accumulation, owing to water draining at places, where pits are formed as a resultant of sand excavation, from a single place.
This is rampant in Kuruskera, Copra, Bidora, and Hathkhoj regions, where frequently heavy movers are ferrying loads of sand to other districts of the State too. According to farmer Mahitosh Sharma of Sursabandha, a contractor from Kuruskera mine, has hoarded large piles of sand, in his land and therefore he couldn’t take routine paddy yield this season. He has also accused that, the contractor had promised him a sum of money in lieu of his field, but now is denying paying him the money.
Three other farmers Chowa Ram, Faguwa and Keertan have also alleged that their fields and standing paddy crops being destroyed due to the continues movement of heavy movers, for excavating sand from the river bed. They have claimed compensation from the contractor, meanwhile reports are also pouring in that in Tarrra region too, sand quarry’s approval has not been given by the administration, but still truck loads of sand are continuously being transferred to other parts of the district.

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