Review meeting of SAGEMS concludes

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Dongargarh, Dec 17: Recently, a review meeting of Swami Atmanand Government English School (SAGEMS) located in Dongargarh was presided over by District Education Officer HR Som, in which construction agency, parent teacher and school management committee were present.
In the meeting, while discussing the dream project of Swami Atmanand English School, he told the parents and teachers that this school is included in the ambitious scheme of the state government, where the all-round development of the children will be accompanied by a strong hold on the language of English base.
He discussed in detail the points related to school construction work, education system, admission work and uniform and asserted that the building of the school should be attractive and clean with emphasis on grandeur of the surroundings as well as construction. Emphasis was given to expedite the construction work in comparison to the prosperous private educational institution. The contractor present in the meeting assured to complete the construction work of the old building by the end of December and give it at that time. He emphasized on cent percent admission according to the goal of the school.SDM Girish Ramteke, also present in the program, appealed to the wards that children should use mobiles at the least, and motivate children to excel.
Madam Anuradha Rao conducted the welcome ceremony. Staff of Swami Atmanand English School, Asha Tiwari, JS Chandel, Shatrughan Sahu Gautam Ramteke, Poornima Sahu, Anuradha Rao, Farha Anjum, Sanjay, Pooja Jain were present. Principal S. Sahu expressed his gratitude towards the SDM and parents and said that at present, the study of any subject is not interrupted in any class by arranging the teaching of material resources and teacher resources, and the teaching system of both English and Hindi schools is being run properly.

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