Relax Yourself From prolonged stress

While it is normal to have a little stress that may also help you perform better under pressure, ongoing or prolonged stress is not good for your physical and mental wellbeing.
F rom health problems to personal issues, there are many ways in which stress is detrimental to one’s wellbeing. With the ongoing pandemic, most of us are stuck at home, many have lost jobs and a number of people are forced to stay away from the family. The level of stress has alarmingly gone up! In this fast paced and changing environment, it might not be possible to eliminate stress altogether, but trying a few constructive ways to handle it can help keep up the mental wellbeing.
When you feel stressed or are unable to get a grip on changing life events, it is time to try your hand at journaling. Recording your thoughts, experiences and feelings which you cannot express to anyone, in particular, can help you vent and offload. Whether writing a daily diary or maintaining a to-do list, journaling can give you a sense of organisation which reduces stress and anxiety. Treat the journal as your personal friend, with no opinions and judgments.
Scientifically proven, working out helps release happy hormones which reduces stress and tension. It releases endorphins which help improve and better our mood. Exercising regularly improves the sleep pattern too. If you aren’t up for anything strenuous or rigorous, try yoga and meditation. While yoga is all about mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, meditation helps relax mind and control breathing. Fitness experts believe that it works as an antidepressant and treats depression and anxiety.
Pursuing Hobbies
Having one hobby and immersing yourself in it may work wonders in reducing stress levels. Choose one activity you always loved to do—cycling, swimming, painting, dancing or anything that makes you happy. Practice it to keep yourself occupied and unwind whenever you feel emotionally worked up! Ut is a great way to divert the mind in a different direction.
Say NO to caffeine and nicotine
Stop using tobacco, nicotine and caffeine. Caffeine and nicotine are both believed to reduce stress. However, caffeine elevates cortisol and prolonged levels of cortisol cause chronic stress and nicotine puts more stress on the body by causing troubled breathing and hampering blood circulation. So go on a caffeine-nicotine detox to have a healthier mind and body. Begin with these ways to control the stress, at home. But if the stress level is high for a prolonged period, do not ignore. Do call for help in case you feel overwhelmed and tense.

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