Ramrajya is governance sans fear, corruption, discrimination: VP

Lucknow: Advocating Ramrajya, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu today said that the name of Lord Ram should not be associated with religion as governance minus fear, corruption and discrimination is Ramrajya and for this everyone should unite transcending caste, religious and political barriers.

“The name of Lord Ram should not be related with any particular religion. He should be seen as an ideal person.

Hinduism is not a religion but a life style and that is why India is named Hindustan,” Naidu said at the first UP Diwas programme here in the presence of Governor Ram Naik and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, among other dignitaries.

“Ramrajya is the governance minus fear, corruption and discrimination and for this everyone should come above caste, religion and politics and unite. All those living in the country are brothers irrespective of their belief and religion. Attacking anyone on the basis of caste and religion is not good,” he said.

Noting that the concept of Ramrajya was given by Mahatma Gandhi, he said for this everyone should shed politics of caste and religion.

“For making the country developed, we need a stable government and good atmosphere. For this, we all should shed narrow politics of caste, religion and money. The GDP before British rule was 27 per cent and presently we are talking about 7-7.5 per cent. This situation has arisen due to internal disputes. We have to maintain Indianness and follow ‘Sarve Bhavintu Sukhinah’ (Happiness to all).”

He said, “We should follow our traditions and the priority of the country should be good governance and development.

Everyone should be taken along for this.

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