Rajim is developing with the blessing of its deities: Shukla

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Rajim, Sept 01: Rajim region is a religious place, where religious places like Lord Shri Rajiv Lochan, Shri Kuleshwar Nath, Shri Faneswar Mahadev, Jatmai, Ghatarani, Kopeshwar Mahadev, are seated and with their blessings the region will develop abound, said MLA Amitesh Shukla. He was here in village Sehradih, to lay the foundation stone for the construction of Anganwadi building, Nirmala Ghat, tap water extension, and other developmental works.
Addressing the ceremony, Shukla said that the region is his karma bhumi, and it was due to the love of the people of the region he won the elections by a huge lead count of 58,000 votes. Refreshing old memories, he recounted how, Pt. Shyam Charan Shukla, decided to choose Rajim as his work ground, during the tenure of Pandit Nehru. Also taking a jibe at the opposition party BJP, Shukla alleged that the members of the party are mere talkers and not workers. During the ceremony, on the demand of Homanlal Sahu, Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat Rohina, Shri Shukla announced a grant of Rs.10 lakh for the construction of Samarsata Bhawan.
District Congress President Bhav Singh Sahu said in his address that Amitesh Bhaiya leads the people of all classes, and that’s the reason why he is considered the head of our family. Along with Dr. Mukesh Sahu, Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat Arand, 23 people received the primary membership of Congress in the presence of Amitesh Shukla.
Present in the ceremony were former District Congress President Vaisakhu Ram Sahu, Dr. Anand Mata Wale, Ram Kumar Goswami, District Vice President Yogesh Sahu, Block Congress President Rupesh Sahu, Inderman Sahu, Bhuneshwari Banjare, Yatharth Sharma, Dr. Komal Ram Sahu and others.

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