Questions raised on purity of water being supplied!

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Dongargarh, May 17:
There have been questions on the quality and purity of the water being supplied from with 4 M.L.D. filter plant installed in Gram Chouthana with construction worth crores and intake-valve at Gram Paniyaboj, right from the day of its construction.
In the year 2011-12, the PHE department constructed a filter plant in block headquarters Dongargarh as per the estimate given by state government. But till date with no appointment of technical staff in the filter plant to supply pure drinking water this work is being done by unskilled labourers.
In addition to this the construction of Filter Plant is not upto the mark and there is always seepage in the plant during rains. At the same time with installation of not so good machines, they are rendered useless in few months. What is major question is that as to how the purity of water is being maintained from the machines which have turned useless and this can be analysed only after check-up by subject-experts.
Fight between two departments
On completion of construction of the Filter Plant, PHE block headquarters Dongargarh on fulfilling the terms & conditions, it should have been handed over to Nagar Palika Dongargarh.
On the other hand, it is learnt, Nagar Palika by claiming that PHE department has not fulfilled the terms & conditions of the construction work and therefore they refuse to accept its transfer, even after interference in this regard by senior officers.
Distribution of work as per agreement
On intervention of senior officers and till completion of transfer procedure, the maintenance work of Filter Plant was given PHE department and the work that of water supply and purity of water being supplied was given to Nagar Palika.
Against this Nagar Palika Dongargarh is recovering water tax from people, but when it comes to purity of water being supplied, they have not taken any initiative for appointment of technical staff and proper installation of machines in the filter plant to ensure pure drinking water supply.
Water being supplied without purification process
The government for checking the purity of water has installed laboratory and for management of the machines has not appointed technical employees. When it comes to responsibility, Nagar Palika has deployed unskilled labourers and supply water without checking its purity level.
For purity of water, both Alum and Chlorine is being mixed manually directly, rather it should be put through machines, so that the quantity of such items to be mixed is bare minimum and does not affect purity and content of water. It is with lot of shortcomings, the supply of not-so-safe potable water from Filter Plant is going on and PHE is forced to continue formality when it comes to maintenance. On this particular issue of importance to general public, neither any public representatives or any senior officers are intervening.
Loss of 4 lakh per month
On behalf of Nagar Palika Parishad (NPP) Dongargarh, prior to construction of this filter plant, an agreement was made to fill the five main overhead tanks in city through water supply from this filter plant, so that the supply of water from Baghiyatola can be discontinued. From Baghiyatola filter plant, water tank of Mela Ground is filled with 6.75 lakh litre water through 9 tubewells. For this Nagar Palika Dongargarh has to make additional expenditure of Rs 4 lakh per month. But the construction agency has not complete the work till date.
Rs 29 lakh sanctioned to remove shortcomings
The important works for which Nagar Palika Parishad Dongargarh and PHE submitted report to the government after inspection of the water filter plant, at that time District Administration sanctioned Rs 29 lakh and its work order has been issued to construction agency three months back and the work is yet to be started.
CMO Subhash Dixit: If at all the PHE department has completed the construction as per terms of agreement, then this condition would not have arise. Despite lacking technicians, Nagar Palika is making all efforts to supply pure drinking water.
Even after sanction of Rs 29 lakh as per the work order, the contractor has not speeded up the work and the work which is being done is also without any proper monitoring. It is for this reason that there is problem in drinking water supply during summer season. It is on completion of entire construction work as per terms & conditions, Nagar Palika would grant is consent for transfer of this filter plant.
SDO PHE- SDO PHE Borkar said that the department has completed its procedure for transfer of filter plant, but Nagar Palika is causing hindrance in it. It is on completion of remaining work, contractor has been asked to speed up the same and it would be handed over to Nagar Palika soon.
MLA Bhuneswar Baghel: There have been lot of complaints from ward residents over quality and quantity of water supply and it is without having proper technicians and machines, water cannot be purified. If the water is still being supplied with all these shortcomings then it is incorrect. Soon an inspection along with officers will be done and if there are any shortcomings in the plant it will be removed and no chance will be taken to play with health of general public.

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