‘Pyari Bitiya Diwas’ programme held in CHC Dongargarh

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Dongargarh, May 31: It was under guidance of Block Medical officer (BMO) Dr BP Ekka, under the NCD programme, the medical team of Community Health Centre (CHC) Dongargarh oragnised ‘Pyari Bitiya Diwas’ on occasion
of ‘World Menstrual Hygiene Day’ in ward No. 02. In this Mukta Kujur (BPM) gave information about the objective of this programme and also about the monthly periodic cycle (MPC) among girls and about health and hygiene during such periods and about health safety and taking good nutritional food. Dr Devhuti Sahu ( AMO) conducted health examination of patients who visited the camp and gave them necessary medicines.
Opthalmology Assistant Rajesh Rautkar on occasion of ‘Payari Bitiya Diwas’, highlighted on the problems faced by young girls during MPC and the changes in their life. In this camp they were also asked to get their eye checked on regular basis and were given information about different problems of the eyes. NSD Counsellor Hitendra Kosar gave information about non-contagious diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure; cancer, mental problems; ‘Kihosre Swasthya’, Family Planning and others. Block Coordinator Aasha and Anita, MT Aarti, Parvati, Nisha presented a drama based upon MPC and rooted out various misconceptions related to MPC in the society.
The girls and women present in the programme were distributed sanitary pads and all the patients, hemoglobin, BP and sugar was checked. S Gajbhiye giving guidance to girls, distributed them sanitary pads. To make this programme successful, Gyarsilal Dubey ( Lab Technician), Shailendra Veram, (Pharmacist), Bhagwati Sahu (ANM) played an important role.

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