Pursuing professional & spiritual paths simultaneously achievable: Chanchalapati Dasa

Bhilai, May 30:
In the seventh Navodaya Series Lecture organised the other day, key speaker was Chanchalapati Dasa, Vice President of ISKCON Bangalore and Vice Chairman of Akshaya Patra Foundation. The initiative of Navodaya has been started by the CEO of Bhilai Steel Plant where eminent and learned people come and share their thoughts, ideas, experiences with the executives. Sri Chanchalapati Dasa spoke on the topic of Relevance of Spirituality in this age and time for enhanced efficiency and productivity. This mesmerizing session by Chanchalapati Dasa was an eye-opener to the executives as they listened with rapt attention to the importance and relevance of pursuing spirituality in daily life and that practicing spirituality need not be at the cost of material or professional life. He said Human beings are capable to pursue both professional and spiritual paths simultaneously and how the pursuit of these paths can be mutually satisfying and beneficial. An identity beyond this body is spirit and recognizing that identity will give human beings a higher realm of realization and possibility in life was one of the strong points made by Dasa. A question-answer session followed the talk wherein the listeners freely asked questions on the topic that was in discussion. Overall a very enlightening and positive talk which was thoughtful and insightful for all those who attended this session.
At the outset, the CEO warmly welcomed the audience which included all the executive directors of BSP and also GMs, DGMs and other senior executives of the plant. Vyomapada Das the regional president of the Akshaya Patra Foundation Bhilai was also present during this event.

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