Provide good education to children, awareness will come from education itself: Uikey

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Raipur, Mar 16: Tribal society should provide good education to its children, education is the key to development. Awareness will come from education itself and society will be empowered, said by Governor Ms. Anusuiya Uikey while addressing the youth introductory meet organised by Tribal Services Board, Bhopal.
The governor was virtually involved in this program. The Governor said that the Tribal Seva Mandal has been working for the betterment of tribal society for the last 50 years by establishing a working harmony between social workers, highly educated persons, students and working persons in private sectors is commendable. The Governor said that members of tribal society are working in different roles at different places. When someone from the tribal class comes to you for some work, listen to his problem seriously and cooperate with him by going two steps ahead. In this way, where you will discharge your responsibilities properly, you will also be successful in fulfilling your responsibilities towards the society. This effort of your people will prove to be very helpful in taking the tribal society forward. In this program, the Minister of Madhya Pradesh Government Bisahu Lal Singh, President Manohar Singh Thakur, Lakhnadun MLA Mr. Yogendra Singh, Mrs. Chanda Sarvete, Mr. Ajay Shah, Barghat MLA Mr. Arjun Kakodia, Manawar MLA Mr. Heera Lal Adva, Mr. Prakash Thakur and Tribal People of the society were present.

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