Professors get patent published for new way of treating Kangri Cancer

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Bhilai, Oct 14: It is a great achievement that a patent is published on Kangri Cancer by Dr Harish Sharma, Dr Rajesh Kumar Nema and Dr Gyanesh Sahu, Professors of Rungta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research under the aegis of Sanjay Rungta Group of Institutions, Bhilai on the title ‘Novel Topical Formulation with Bioflavonoid for a Kangri Cancer’, Patent No- 46385.
Cancer is a major killer of mankind. Kangri is a fire pot kept beneath the traditional Kashmiri Pheran. If a person is wearing a jacket, it may be used as a hand warmer. It is approximately 6 inches in diameter and reaches a temperature of approximately 150°F.
Kangri cancer is a squamous cell carcinoma induced on the inner surface of the thigh or on the abdominal wall in areas of recurrent thermal skin injury in people who warm themselves by Kangri that contains live coals held under their clothing. This type of cancer is found only in Kashmir.
Kangri cancer is more often associated with the abdomen, thigh, and leg regions due to the usage and positioning of kangri pots. Over time, the use of Kangri to keep warm results in erythema, a precancerous keratotic growth that takes the shape of superficial reticular blackish brown coloured lesions.
Eventually, the cells at the lesion site become more irregular in shape and form. The lesions ulcerate and may become itchy and bloody. The resulting irregular growth is the manifestation of Kangri Cancer.
Use of the Kangri pot is the principal cause of Kangri Cancer. Elements that are believed to contribute to the development of Kangri Cancer are heat, burning wood particles, smoke and burnt Chinar leaves.
In this patent the invention relates to formulation and characterization of a water-in-oil micro emulsion of 5-Fluorouracil with Routine for better penetration and inhibition of Kangri cancer. It took years of hard work for the preparing the formulation and tests and filling for the patent.
The patent was applied on August 09, 2021 and it got published on August 08, 2021. Sanjay Rungta, Chairman, Sanjay Rungta Group of Institutions, Saket Rungta, Director and Md Shajid Ansari, Assistant Director of Sanjay Rungta Group of Institutions congratulated for this major achievement.

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