PPE kit found dumped out in open, no evidence found

Balod, Jun 23: Lot of negligence has come to fore in District Headquarter Balod overthrowing of used PPE Kits out in the open by some unknown person. It was on Saturday morning some persons found PPE kits thrown near the Railway crossing in Balod city and this news spread like wildfire in no time. Sources informed that this PPE kit is lying there for last two days and details of its owner or the person who has thrown is not known.
On spreading of this news like wildfire all over the city, the lackadaisical an attitude on part of the local administration and health department has come to fore. As such general public is not having access to use of such PPE Kits and it is the administrative officer or health personnel who are front liners who uses it, taking all the risks. So when the Nagar Palika was informed about it they should have collected it immediately and disposed it off in proper manner, so as to avoid contamination or spreading of virus from it, if any.
The people nearby informed that Nagar Palika authorities just burnt it at the same place and left and this area was not sanitized. When Tehsildar Rashmi Verma went to the site and took information from the persons available as a witness and giving full information from Nagar Palika, prepare ‘Panchnama’ and dig out details. It was learnt that a woman working in the Colony first spotted it and it was learnt that it is lying here for the last two day. So the question is as to who is to be held responsible for such carelessness and whether it belongs to one 108 or 102 vehicles passing from this region.
So based upon all fact, true information is being collected and hopefully, some action will be taken against the guilty for leaving PPE kits out in open, putting lives of other in the region nearby at high risk.

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