Power supply still eludes village panchayat Tourenga

Mainpur, Mar 07: The government is running different welfare schemes for the development of villages but it is surprising that there still many villages under tribal block Mainpur of Gariabandh district which are still miles away from the light of development and even basic infrastructure facilities are not available here. Situated on NH 130C Mainpur-Deobhog, village panchayat Tourenga which still cries for basic facilities like health, education, electricity, water supply and ration. As it is situated by the side of NH 130 C many officials and public representatives pass through this village and villagers keep raising their demand for power supply in their village. High tension wires have passed above this village but the villagers even after 70 years of independence are forced to live with lantern. This village requires no introduction as in its rest house former PM Atal Behari Vajpayee, former CM Late Shyamacharan Shukla, former union minister Late Vidyacharan Shukla, former CM Late Ajit Jogi, former CM Late Motilal Vora, film star Asrani and many more politicians of recent times have stayed some time or the other. The total population of village panchayat is 1260 and under it falls village Jungad and dependent village Kodomali. Village sarpanchs Parmeshwar Netam and Anoop Kashyap said, electricity for the village is their oldest demand but even after repeated demands power supply has not reached their village. Sarpanch informed that solar power has been installed in the village as there is no power supply but as the instruments are of inferior quality it gives power for only an hour in the day.
Historical well needs
There is one historical well in this village and its water is sweet and tastes like mineral water. But due to lack of maintenance this well is now in a dilapidated state and needs immediate makeover. About one-an-half years back former collector Shyam Dhawde and SP Bhojram Patel themselves drank the water of this well and ordered janpad panchayat and village panachyat for its upliftment but still no step has been taken to preserve this well. The elders of this village said, about 30 years back film star Asrani had reached this rest house, stayed here for one day and after visiting the surrounding forest praised the area. On the request of villagers also took the water of this well and mentioned that the water is sweet.

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