Posters against Maoists’ presence hung on trees

Central Chronicle News
Konta, Sep 25: The posters against Naxalites are seen again in district Sukma. Posters against Naxalites are found pasted on trees in the forests of Amapenta, Kistaram police station area of Konta block. The posters have been pasted by the labor union. It has been said in the poster to stop killing innocent people and to allow their children to study.
It has also been written in the poster to stop applying Naxalite ideology. The people’s hopes are being awakened due to the continuous development reaching the administration in the internal areas. There is also a continuous division between the Naxalites, where even large cadre Naxalites are continuously surrendering. At the same time, the difference between regional Naxalites and external Naxalites is also visible.

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