Pooja Hegde: Telugu film industry takes me as their own

A ctress Pooja Hegde might be working in three different film industries at the moment, but she never differentiated between them.
The actress will soon be seen in Bollywood with “Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali” and “Cirkus”, in Tollywood with “Radhe Shyam” and Kollywood with “Beast”.
The actress, who has been working in various language industries for a while, says that a good mix of everything has worked for her. “There are pan-India films and then there is another way to do it where you become a pan-India artist and I think for me it’s been a mix of both and that is what has helped me achieve that,” says Pooja.
She adds: “I feel like Telugu takes me as their own and now I am doing Tamil and Hindi. I always wanted to be an Indian actor. I never wanted to differentiate between the industries and and have treated them all of them like my own. There are films which are pan-India, like a ‘Radhe Shyam’ with Prabhas and there are other films which have been called a pan-India films but my approach has always been to do good content and earn the love of the audience in each area that you are going and that is what makes you recognisable.”Pooja has enjoyed immense commercial success, especially with her Tollywood projects. While she is happy that her work brings profit, there are other aspects to her work, which she likes to focus on
“It’s great and I am super happy that the films have done so well and made a lot of money. Somehow it has not affected me so much because the process has been so much fun that or may be sometimes it hasn’t been fun but it has added to who I am,” she says. The actress describes herself as someone keen to see what next is happening. “For me it has always been like ‘what am I going to do next’.
I like it this way because I hope that if the success hasn’t affected me, then a film not doing well will also have the same result on my well being and my mental frame of mind.
I think something yes, I do think that ‘what if this film doesn’t do well’? Then I just shrug that feeling off because I think that you should have no fear attached to the way you live your life. You have to be like ‘ok, its ok if it doesn’t work, so what? ‘. I don’t want to live in fear that ‘oh my God, what if it’s not a hit or not doing well’, “says Pooja, who made her Bollywood debut alongside Hrithik Roshan with “Mohenjo Daro” back in 2016.

In the end, Pooja believes in saying her prayers right and letting the universe guide her.

“I am grateful and I say my prayers and I am thankful to the universe for having given me these successful films and given me the right intuition to choose the right film because without making them, there are films which I said no to and which didn’t do well. So, somewhere the universe has been guiding me in the right direction,” she says before signing off.

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