Police seize 79 cartons of liquor from country liquor shop

The Excise Department of city has seized wrapper and sticker on liquor bottles of MP from a country liquor shop in Rajim and seized 79 cartons of liquor from the shop. In this case the supervisor and three salesmen of the shop have been sent to jail.

Though as to whether this liquor was from Madhya Pradesh (MP) or efforts were being made to sell it out in illegal manner through bogus sticker or wrapper, is still not known. But the Major question here is why the liquor from MP is being supplied to Rajim only or is it being supplied to other part of state and this is point of inquiry.

On the other hand, how much of profit is there to Excise department on selling liquor from MP and this seizure which is more than of Rs 2 lakh, the Excise officers are not commenting upon it. District Excise Police on Thursday first produced the four accused in jail viz the Supervisor Santosh Dewangan, Saleman- Dilip Yadav, Prakash Rao, Gupteshwar Purena of the country liquor shop and then later sent them on judicial custody.

It is learnt that it was on Wednesday night at around 9:00 pm, it was under leadership of SDM Rajim GK Vahile, Tehsildar and Excise team officers raided the country liquor shop in Rajim and seized 79 cartons of liquor with sticker/ wrapper of MP.

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