Police nabs inter-state fraud for duping retired man of Rs 2.42 lakh

Amanaka police on Sunday brought to the city an inter-state fraud after arresting him from Indirapuran area of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. The fraud had duped a retired man of Tatibandh of Rs 2.42 lakh on pretext of getting released his blocked insurance money by posing as an officer from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA).

According to police, complainant Toman Lal Dewangan resides in Maruti Enclave at Tatibandh ever since retiring as Project Officer at NMDC in Bailadila. During his service period and even after his retirement, the complainant had invested in several life insurance policies of various companies. While premium of most of those policies were being paid regularly, couple of the policies had discontinued for not paying premiums and the sum deposited in them was to be returned only after the maturity period.

It was these discontinued insurance policies that landed the complainant in all problem. On August 22, 2018, while he was out of the city, Sahu received a call wherein the caller introduced himself as IRDA officer Alok Shrivastava. He further asked Sahu about his discontinued insurance policies to which Sahu said that he can provide information regarding them only upon returning to Raipur which he will be doing on August 31. Accordingly, the socalled IRDA officer called him back on August 31 and took details of all discontinued insurance policies. Thereafter, the told Sahu that IRDA helps policy holders in getting back their blocked money even before the maturity date.

He further told Sahu that this service is provided by IRDA’s branch called Indian Fund Transfer (IFT) Services which deals with various private insurance companies and help the policy holders. However, the only condition is to register with the IFT and not divulge anything to the insurance companies as they do not favour returning the blocked money before the maturity period. With Sahu showing willingness to avail services of the IFT, Shrivastava told him that an officer named RK Dixit will from IFT soon contact him and tell him about the registration process.

The next day, Dixit contacted Sahu and directed him to deposit registration fee totaling to Rs 242600 in two installments saying that the this money will be returned minus negligible service charge along with the blocked money with the insurance companies. After Sahu deposited the second installment, he received a call for the third time asking him to deposit money following which Sahu asked the caller about his identity.

The caller then said that he is Tiwari from IFT who had been talking to him on past two occasions. When Sahu told him that he had been talking to RK Dixit in the past, the caller immediately said that he is Dixit only. It was this clarification which made Sahu suspicious and he stopped dealing further with the IFT and lodged a complaint with police. Registering an offence under Section 402, 34 IPC against both the frauds, police launched an investigation and tracing though the phone numbers and the bank account into which Sahu had deposited Rs 2.42 lakh, police reached Ghaziabad and succeeded in nabbing the main fraud identified as Sanjay Singh Gangwar (34). Police also seized from him a computer setup and 8 mobile phones which were used in similarly duping people all over India.

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