Police nab three in trolley theft case

Gariyaband: It was based upon the clues from the cameras installed under Mission Security, the police succeeded in nabbing three accused. All three accused are inter-district trolley thieves. The three accused are running a shop in the name of M/s Balaji Tractor Industries, near Bhilai Triangle, ahead of Majarkatta in District headquarters.

Here they re-paint the stolen tractortrolleys and sell it in other districts. SP MR Aahire and ASP Suknandan Rathore informed that CCTV cameras played an important role in nabbing the thieves. It was based upon the footage from the camera they succeeded in nabbing the three thieves. The police examined the cameras installed in all the chowks and triangles in city, apart from those installed outside the shops and in one of them they found the thieves taking away a trolley using a towing vehicle. On searching for the stolen trolley, the police reached Gariyaband and here they found one white-coloured pick-up standing in front of Ms Balaji Tractor Industries, near Bhilai Triangle.

In this pick-up there was no number plate and it was carrying the frame of ‘towing’ vehicle at its back. It was based upon the doubts to police, they checked the shape and size of the pick-up seen on the CCTV camera and the other and found it to be just the same and so the inquiry was held with owner Bhupendra Dadsena and employee Nutan Sonwani.

First the accused tried to write-off the issue and give vague answers, but later they accepted their crime. In the interrogation the accused informed that on night of June 25, at around 11-12 in the night, they steal away the red-colour tractor-trolley standing by the side of road in Gram Kirwai. They brought it to Gariyaband, towing it with their pick-up van.

In this the words of ‘Piyush Kumar Krishi Farm Gram Kirwai’ was removed and it was sold to one Uttam Verma of Gram Kachari of Saja thana of Bemetara area for Rs 1.50 lakh. In the same way they stole a blue-colour tractor-trolley from Gram Parsada Khurd on July 18 in the night at 11:00 pm and after re-painting it, sold it to Uttam Verma for Rs 50000. ASP informed that both the stolen tractor-trolley has been recovered by the policea and both the accused Bhupendra Dadsena and Nutan Sonwani and the person purchasing the same Uttam Verma have been arrested from Bemetara and sent on judicial remand to jail. In this action, TI Rajim Vikas Baghel, Churra TI KK Verma formed a team of staff comprising ASI Chabil Patekar, head constable SR Soni, constable Rajesh Chandra, Anil Pandey, Bharadwaj Deshlahare, Rahul Tiwari and Khilesh Soni.

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