‘Plateauing in daily new Covid cases’

New Delhi, May 13 (PTI): Plateauing in daily new Covid-19 cases and positivity rate has been recorded in the country over the past three days, the government said Thursday, but added 10 states still have a positivity rate of 25 per cent or more.
According to the government, the number of districts with week-on week rise in Covid-19 tests, yet decline in positivity rate has increased from 125 in April 22-28 to 338 between May 6 and 12.
Addressing a press conference, a senior official, also said as many as 12 states have more than 1 lakh active COVID-19 cases, while 24 states have more than 15 per cent case positivity rate.
India has been reeling under a catastrophic second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

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