Phone to DFO proved costly to daily wage driver

Baikunthpur, Jun 11:
On charges of calling the senior officer over telephone, the DFO Korea Forest division Baikunthpur fired the daily wage driver of government vehicle in Sonhat circle and even scolded him on the phone. The driver Ramdhan’s only fault was that he made a phone call to senior officer on charges of harassing him by his officer. This phone call by the driver was so unacceptable for the officer that DFO Korea scolded him over telephone at midnight and relieved him of his services and issued verbal orders to Ranger Sonhar in this regard. But the audio social call of the scolding has become viral on social media and is talk of the town.
On this particular misbehaviour of DFO, the driver and his entire family is in state of shock and with no job in hand, the driver and his family may have to face livelihood problems in the coming days. DFO Korea circle Manish Kashyap has always been in the limelight owing to his dictatorial attitude and prior to this also he has faced music for his uncalled behaviour from the higher-ups in different cases.
Few days back he has held the journalists as illiterate, inefficient and blackmailers for publishing news related to irregularities in the Forest Department and after which the journalists too are thinking of knocking doors of the Court to take action against DFO. Set aside this the official staff too is unhappy about the work culture of this DFO, since they are employee to the Department and are working under him, therefore they do not want to open their mouth before him and there is great deal of resentment among the employees from inside.
Due to this particular misbehaviour by the officer against the daily wage employee and scolding him, there is lot of resentment among the daily wage employees’ Association as well. When we tried to contact DFO Korea circle about this incident he refused to meet the media representatives.
Does not meet general public in office
At one place where the head of the state (CM) has asked the officers to go out and meet general public and solve their grievances. DFO Manish Kashyap right since the day he is posted, has never met journalist and this makes it aptly clear as to how serious he is about meeting and solving grievances of general public.
Held journalist as illiterate, recovery agents
The DFO by writing letter to the District administration about publication of news related to Forest department by the journalists had come into limelight and on which the Collector fired him and for which he had to beg an apology calling few journalists to his office. In this way he he is always in news on some or the other controversy created by him.
Issue taken into cognizance
When the MLA Sonhat Bharatpur- Gulab Kamro came to know about this incident, he assured to take it into consideration and take necessary action soon.

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