Performance in LS to be major yardstick for red-beacon light

Raipur, May 09:
It is after the Lok Sabha polls based upon the performance that the yardstick for handing over red-beacon lights to leaders will be determined. It is on fulfilling the responsibilities and target given to the leaders in the last LS and VS polls that the leaders will be allotted berth in the Boards, corporations and Commissions. Though the initial exercise for selected few Board and Corporation has already been done, but despite all this, the appointment in majority of the Boards and corporations will be done based upon the performance. With this particular formula being taken into consideration has further increased heartbeats of many a Congress leaders from different factions.
Coming to power after 15 years of rule, the leaders and party workers in Congress are eyeing upon the red-beacon lights and postings in Boards and corporation. If reliable sources are to be believed, than in this case the organization has made the performance in elections as the main basis of selection criteria. On this the CM Bhupesh Baghel, PCC State in-Charge PL Punia and other party leaders would analyse the performance and then the list will be prepared. Though apart from performance in last VS and LS polls the individual dedication and commitment towards the party too will be calculated and measured.
There are also reports that the complaints which have been received at the time of election with the candidates, its credibility too will be taken into consideration. Based upon the performance list, such leaders canbe omitted from the list as well.
Actually PCC has also got report on performance and working of office bearers on all 11 LS seats in state. It is based upon report from the in-charge and from regional level that the list will be finalized.
It is notable that at organizational level, the office bearers have already started lobbying in their favour and in this case apart from developing proximity with CM and PCC State in-Charge, many a leaders have knocked at Delhi level as well.
Eye on the Ministers
There will be analysis of the seats which were in-charge of the Ministers during the elections. It is after weighing all pros & cons, discussions will be held. In the same way the equations of the MLAs will also be equally important and to adjust them also this performance will be major yardstick.

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