Passengers made to wander in search of drinking water!

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Korba, May 02: Korba is model railway station of Bilaspur, but since last year, the passengers of Platform No. 2 & 3 are not getting drinking water facility and the same situation has started in platform No. 1 as well. The tap-water between Crew Lobby and Station Master’s office has been closed down.
So the passengers reaching the model railway station in this peak of summers, do not have any water source available to quench their thirst. The affluent persons purchase the packed drinking water, whereas the rural poor have to wander in search for it. With increasing water problem in the railway station, the senior officers are unable to give proper information in this regard and therefore this problem is still existing.
Could not start water vending machine
In order to provide water at reasonable rates to passengers, IRCT had given stall in the platform of Korba last in June to start water vending machine. When the system arrived, there were talks that it will be installed soon and what is surprising here is that it has not seen light of the day. Again as to whether it will start or not is also not known to station master or any other senior officer.
Eyebrows raised on extending benefits to vendors
District Chamber of Commerce & Industries Vice president Ramkishan Agrawal informed that negligence for basic services at the railway station has sort of become habit of railways. He charged that there are chances of delaying installation of water vending machine in Korba railway station, as there can be nexus of officers and employees behind it. It is through a conspiracy that water is being supplied to passengers in the platform through stalls of eatables, because when they will not get water in the platform, they are left with no option but to purchase packed drinking water.
Tap-water for ‘divyang’ also closed
On platform No. 1 there is water kiosk for ‘divyang’ passengers, but the water supply from this tap used to be very thin. Now here also ‘divyang’ passengers will have to search for water and as such the general passengers are not getting water easily in the station, then how one can think of better services to ‘divyang’ passengers. On Radheshyam Ratre, R/o Balpur, had come to the station along with his wife and young children in Memu Local train and it was found that he had to wander a lot in the station for water and finally he got one at the end of the platform.
Condition is normal: KK Tiwari-CSM
CSM KK Tiwari informed that except for few water-taps in the station, water is coming out from rest of the taps. All efforts are being made to start the closed taps and soon the problem will be solved.

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