Partnership agreement between Hayagriva Software, Mumbai and RRU, signed

Mumbai, May 15: Rahtriya Raksha University, Gandhinagar and Hayagriva software, Mumbai have signed an MoU for CCTV Auditing. Hayagriva has developed a software called COM-SURE. Through this partnership agreement RRU, will be launching CCTV Auditing Training programs for benefit of Law Enforcement Agencies, Metro Rail, Schools, Housing Societies, Hospitals, Private Security Agencies etc. The CCTV audits on regular basis will lead to community Policing and Crowd Sourced surveillance. The auditing of CCTV footage on daily SOP basis will allow seeing what the camera saw. As per a 2020 report by Motorola, by the year 2025, there will be around 45 billion cameras on the face of this earth, which equates to roughly six cameras for every single human on the planet.
Western Digital and Accenture have estimated that given the video surveillance industry’s expected growth, less than 1% of video footage is likely to be analyzed.
While surveillance video footage is increasing at an unprecedented and exponential pace, absolutely no steps are being taken to build tools that will make it possible for every user to analyze the footage to gain valuable outcomes from the same. This is leading to huge loss of intelligence gathering, which can be useful both for enhancing homeland security, as well as for nation-building.
From the above facts and figures, as well as the fact that despite the increasing number of cameras, it is evident that optimal outcomes from CCTV cameras are not being achieved. The training programs will be organized in online mode as well as on physical mode. Here training program will help expert for gathering data for proper analysis and its benefits.

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