Parents question reasons for imposing serious sections

Kondagaon, Oct 20: The incident of clashes between the police and few youths of city in the stadium ground on occasion of ‘navratri’ has entered in legal hassles and the incident is still talk of the town. It is known to all that in the controversy which erupted between police and few youths near ‘Garba’ pandal turned into minor scuffle.
All the more it takes two to clap, but making it a prestige issue, police filed FIR against 10 youths of city. Even though the parents of the youth went to the thana and beg an apology in front of the police officers saying that it is not their son’s but their own mistake and asked them to pardoned them.
Along with this they also urged to punish them for the mistakes done and no unwanted sections be imposed. But the police remained adamant and this was proved from the FIR lodged in the night and sections included by morning hours.
On including section 307 for such actions and deeds has started leading to making molehill out of nothing on part of police. There is discussion among the people that when general sections were introduced, what was the need for included section 307, as neither anyone was injured or received any injuries.
Parents concerned over what will happen next!
All the parents are pretty concerned about the future of their children andwhat will happened, as the police has filed case with serious action of scuffle.
The noted citizens of city and parents are not protesting against the sections imposed by police, but say that the serious sections imposed against their children just to settle score is not at all correct.
This may hamper future of children and there is not a single youth who is having bad record or had even thought of threatening police officers. Along with this imposing SC, ST Act in this incident of crowd too is sheer injustice to future of youths, parents say.

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