Paramvir Singh Cheema reveals about role of Lucky in ‘Tabbar’

R eleased amidst miniscule promotions and not much hullabaloo around it, Sony LIV’s Tabbar became a surprise success from last month. The thrilling story and the spellbinding performances of the cast, that included legends like Pavan Malhotra, Supriya Pathak, Kanwaljit Singh and Ranvir Shorey along with fresh faces like Gagan Arora, Paramvir Singh Cheema and Nupur Nagpal, found appreciation from all around.
Paramvir’s portrayal of a loyal cop Lucky, who is so engulfed in his investigation, found a special mention amongst some amazing performances. But do you know that the ongoing farmer protests in India have a huge role in the actor bagging the part? Well, Paramvir reveals the whole story. Paramvir is an active supporter of the farmers’ protest and was in Delhi supporting them on ground in December 2020-January 2021. And that is where Tabbar also happened to him. “I was at the protests only when I got the call from the makers that they wanted me to audition for the show. I still remember that date vividly, January 17. There was something in the atmosphere there that just charged me up and since the story was based in Punjab and I was surrounded by so many people from there, it just gave me a different kind of an energy, so I shot my audition there only and sent it,” he reveals.
And as fate had it, it was that audition tape that got Paramvir the part of Lucky. “I think it was the blessings of the farmers and their families all over India that played an instrumental part in me bagging that role. I believe in exchange of energies and I think it was their energies combined with mine that maybe made my performance more credible and effective,” he insists. An audition taped literally in between the protests is what resulted in an amazing portrayal that the audience got to see in Tabbar, the show that has touched the hearts of many and still continues to do so.

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