Padma Vibhushan Teejan Bai joins Professional Congress

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Bhilai, Nov 28: The social and cultural activities of the All India Professional Congress are expanding rapidly in the region. A few days ago, impressed by the working style of the All India Professional Congress, international cricketer Rajesh Chauhan had joined the All India Professional Congress.
In a recent development, Padma Vibhushan Teejan Bai has also joined this organisation. She is also impressed with the public interest and cultural works being conducted by Professional Congress.
Padma Vibhushan Teejan Bai said that the present young generation is getting away from folk art and music. She has joined the Profesional Congress to make the present youth aware of the rich arts, culture and tradition of the state as well as propagate the art form of Pandwani among the young generation.
She hoped of getting a platform in which she will be able to stay away from politics and make the society aware of the ancient civilization and culture of Chhattisgarh. Under the guidance of State President Kshitij Chandrakar, a team led by Durg Chapter President Bhuvnesh Kumar Sahu made her formally join the organisation.
Later, State President Kshitij Chandrakar and State Vice President Pratyush Bharadwaj visited village Ganiyari and honoured Padma Vibhushan Teejan Bai with a shawl. State Coordinator Deep Saraswat, Sudeep Maitra, Vice President Prithviraj Chandrakar, Mamta Singh and other officials also honored Padma Vibhushan Teejan Bai.

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