Over 50000 samples tested for COVID-19 in Ambedkar Hospital so far

Raipur: Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar Memorial Hospital in Raipur has so far conducted testing of over 50000 samples for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) infection. Nearly 1200 samples from various districts are being tested every day at high standard virology lab set up in the hospital by microbiology department of Pt Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Medical College.

The high level BSL-2 lab has been set up in accordance with ICMR parameters for RTPCR testing of samples. More than 52,460 samples of suspected COVID-19 patients have been tested till July 6 in this modern lab of Raipur Medical College. Of them 1230 samples tested positive for Coronavirus. Admiring the dedicated works of experts, doctors, technicians and other staff the head of microbiology in medical college Dr Arvind Neral said that the medical college was playing a crucial role in tackling COVID-19 challenges in the state.

Teams, each consisting nearly 55 staff, are working day and night in testing more and more samples in three different shifts. Many of them are not allowed to go back their homes as arrangements for their food have been made by the college, said Dr Neral. Microbiologist Prof Dr V Chatterjee, Dr Rupam Gehlot, Dr Nija Monga, Dr Suchita Netam along with scientist Dr Jagannath Pal, Dr Yogita Rajput, Dr Aditya Jha, Dr Risikesh Mishra, Dr Neha Singh, Dr Alok Sahu, Vijay Laxmi Jain, Aparna Sahu, Dr Abhigyan Nath and Dr Khushbu are playing important role in testing of samples under leadership of professor Dr Nikita Sherwani of microbiology department. Dr Irish Thakur and Dr Rashmika Dave too are extending their active support in th testing.

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