Online frauds dupes man of Rs 42000

Raipur: Unidentified fraud has duped a man of Rs 42000 by proving him an online link for making advance payment Honda Activa bike he (the fraud) had advertised for selling over OLX platform.

A complaint in this regard was lodged in Khamtarai police station on Wednesday night following which police have now launched an investigation into the case. According to police, the holder of phone number 85699-12029 had posted an advertisement over OLX for selling a Honda Activa 4G bike.

Responding to this advertisement, victim Chandrasekhar Dewangan of Rawanbhata contacted the advertiser over the given phone number. After a brief conversation, it was agreed between them that Chandrasekhar will buy the bike for Rs 22000. Hereafter, the fraud asked Chandrasekhar to confirm the link he will be sending for making online payment later on and also provide his bank account details so that he can verify that the payment made by him online later will be cleared without any glitch.

Not suspecting the advertiser at all, Chandrasekhar simply followed whatever he was told. However, this turned out to be great mistake as the fraud took no time in siphoning Rs 42000 from his bank account in three separate transactions immediately upon getting all the required bank account details. Khamtarai police, in the meantime, have registered an offence under Section 420 IPC against the holder of the above mentioned telephone number and is now investigating the matter further.

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