OA discusses pay-revision, pay-fixation and promotion policy with SAIL Chairman

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Bhilai, Jun 12: A delegation of BSP Officers Association (OA) met the SAIL Chairman Soma Mondal during her visit to Bhilai on Saturday. SAIL Directors HN Rai and Anirban Dasgupta were also present in the meeting. SEFI Chairman and OA President Narendra Kumar Banchhor led the delegation which included Shahid Ahmad, Parvinder Singh, Ajay Kumar and Ankur Mishra.
SEFI Chairman demanded immediate implementation of 3rd Pay Revision. He said the financial performance of SAIL shows the average PBT of last three years is Rs 4462.55 Cr and now executives are eligible for 3rd pay revision as per DPE Guidelines with full benefits. Executive fraternity has been eagerly waiting for implementation of 3rd pay wef 01.01.2017.
The delay has been caused due to the ongoing negotiation of wage revision with NJCS for which DPE has issued very clear guidelines. In the meeting SEFI requested the chairperson for the compliance of DPE guidelines in SAIL for implementation of 3rd Pay Revision of executives.
Chairperson SAIL informed them regarding the resistance in ongoing negotiations for wage revision. She assured for implementation of Pay Revision as per guidelines. SEFI Chairman requested for “Adhoc Adjustable Advance (AAA)” against the arrears of 3rd Pay Revision as per grade wise eligibility, as it was paid in December 2007 & September 2009 before implementing the 2nd Pay Revision. This decision will compensate the delay in implementation of 3rd Pay Revision of executive fraternity.
SEFI Chairman said that the executive fraternity has suffered huge financial disparity due to violation of DPE guidelines in recent past during wage revision of unionized workers in SAIL. The pay conflict of executives of JO 2008 & 2010 batch has cropped because of implementation of NJCS wage revision in 2014 without giving due consideration to the clause III & IV of DPE circular No:- GL-XVI/13 Dt 13/06/2013 by the then SAIL management. The clauses of said order have been over looked, it clearly quotes “(iii) To avoid the conflict of pay scale of executives / non-unionized supervisors with that of their workmen, CPSE’s may consider adaption of graded neutralization and/or graded fitment during the wage negotiations.” And “(iv) *The management of CPSEs concerned have to ensure that negotiated scales of pay would not be in conflict with the existing scales of pay of executives/officers and non-unionized supervisors of respective CPSEs*.”
These JO’s had got 21% MGB for 5 years as non-executives wef 01.01.2007. This group had been promoted to officer cadre in 2008 and 2010 but the pay revision benefit remained at 21% MGB for this group, whereas, their peer non-executives were again got the pay revision w.e.f. 01.01.2012 in which they got additional 17% MGB. Due to this wage revision, this “Peculiar Pay anomaly” has been developed. SEFI requested Chairperson for her kind intervention & support for “Pay Fixation before 3rd Pay Revision”. A detailed discussion held in the meeting regarding all the possible solutions for Pay Fixation of JO batches.
Chairperson SAIL agreed for further discussion with SEFI for the amicable solution.
In the meeting SEFI chairman has inform the chairperson regarding the matter of promotions of 2007 & 2008 MT Batch from E4 to E5. He said in the new promotion policy, the qualifying total credit points for promotion from E4 to E5 level has been increased to 120 points.
The performance evaluation of executives has been done in the year 2019 & 2020 as per previous promotion policy and grading distributed accordingly. Now, in the forthcoming promotions, we have observed that many deserving bright candidates will not get the promotion with present qualifying marks.
SEFI chairman requested the chairperson to immediate intervention for the relaxation in the qualifying total credit points for maintaining the coverage.
SEFI Chairman informed the Chairperson that in SAIL tremendous resentment has been observed regarding fast track promotion introduced from E6 onwards (promotion in 3 years). Majority of the executives are of the opinion that, seniority along with performance should be the criteria for promotion from E6 and higher grades. If the succession is well planned than there won’t be any crises for leadership in the organization. Thus, we should be more concerned about implementation of well-planned succession scheme.
In major production departments across the SAIL, there is no candidate with such credential then for whom this provision has been made. SEFI feels that this provision has been made for some people who are close to power centers. Thus, fast track promotion in three years for candidates with three ‘O’ ratings is not acceptable.
Chairperson has assured for shadow study to be done for the better coverage in said promotions. SEFI Chairman demanded for same coverage as given last year’s promotions in the same grade. Other issues discussed during the meeting included payment of ex-gratia and employment to the dependents of deceased employees (due to Covid 19); payment of 11 months Perks Arrears; Restoration of HRA as per government rules; improvement of medical facility; unconditional EL encashment; review of quarter retention scheme; leasing / licensing of SAIL Township quarters; improvement in township facilities; Emergency Needs Mitigation (ENM) Scheme for retired employees; revision of TA and DA; increase in amount if reimbursement on Mobile Handset; increase in Night Shift Allowance (Incidental Expenses); Hardship Allowance for executives posted in Hot Shops.
SEFI Chairman Narendra Kumar Banchhor said that the meeting was very positive and hoped that the pending issues will be resolved soon. SAIL Chairman spoke about increasing the production and productivity in view of growing market demands.

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