Now hanged on the rape from the girls, but not on boys such crime

President Ram Nath Kovind signed on Sunday within 24 hours on an Ordinance in which is going to get a quick punishment on rape. Since then the law has come into force. Under this, Rape convicts can be hanged from a girl below 12 years old, But if this crime is with a boy under the age of 12, then the culprit will not be hanged.

In this regard, the cabinet has approved the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance 2018 on Saturday. As soon as the ordinance gets the approval of the President, the earlier laws of sexual offenses of children have also been revised. These include sections related to Poxo Law, IPC, CRPC and Evidence Act.

According to advocate Ashok Agrawal in the Delhi High Court, the government has made provision of hanging in rap and gangrape from a girl under the age of 12 years, but if the same crime is with any child under the age of 12, then the accused will be hanged. Will not be Because the provisions of the IPC have been changed only for the provision of hanging, while the Pocso Act has not changed, which is related to the sex offenses of children under 18 years of age.
Pocso Act does not discriminate on the basis of gender.

The notification issued on the law said that Parliament’s session is not going on and the President is satisfied with the circumstances in which it was necessary that he should take immediate action.

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