No speed-breaker posing threat to road accident

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Nandini-Ahirwara, Jun 05:
The state highway of MP-Bemetara- Raiupr passed from middle of ward No. 4 from Atal Chowk of Ahirwara Nagar Palika area and it is one of the most busiest of all the chowks. Here just two days before tarring work was done. On this chowk there or other parts of this road, there is not a single speed-breaker and which always poses threat to any accident.
At a short-distance on this road, there is factory of JK Laxmi Cement and so there is movement of heavy commercial and loaded vehicles day and night. At the same time the passenger buses also ply and the ward residents have demanded breaker on either side of the Chowk, so as to put a check on speed of heavy vehicles.
The residents said that the speedily driven vehicles of the factory generally do not stop at the chowks and passes on at fast speed and which may pose threat to life of other small vehicle riders and pedestrians. The turn from Ahirwara Chowk – Berla to Raipur is also very dangerous and since it is a blind turn, there are chances of road accident.
On the other hand, the government school and hospital are also located on the same road and by evening there is always traffic-jam like condition at this chowk. The traders of the city have dialled 112 many times to clear-up the traffic- jam, but the same was turned down saying that it is not their responsibility.
Durg BJP District Secretary BJP Chanchal Bafna informed on talking to DSP Traffic Gurjeet Saheb, he had assured that a speed-breakers will be constructed near the chowk, but the same was violated by the contractor constructing the road. But when Bafna spoke to PWD officer Tiwari, he said that if the traffic police issues order, then we will construct the speed-breaker. But even after telling it to the road construction company and its contractor, no speed-breaker was constructed and in absence of which there is always chance of some or the other road accident.

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