‘No party will get majority’

Pichhore, May 08 (PTI):
Predicting that no single party will get a majority in Election 2019, Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia says his party will forge a strong alliance of like-minded entities to create a “UPA plus plus” government at the Centre and end five years of “injustice”. The days of coalition governments are here to stay, the Congress general secretary, who is seeking a fresh mandate from the electorate of Madhya Pradesh’s Guna-Shivpuri seat for a fifth term, told PTI in an interview.
Asked about the Congress’ chances after five rounds of the seven-phase elections, Scindia said he never quantifies the number of seats but can see that the mood of the people is against the present BJP dispensation. “My assessment is the Congress party, the UPA government will form the government at the Centre and I am very confident of our performance as a coalition,” he said. “I think the people of India are waiting for the moment to respond to the injustice that has been meted out to them by the Narendra Modi government over the last five years,” Scindia told PTI during his election campaign in the region. It goes without saying that no single party, be it the BJP or the Congress or any other party, is going to get an absolute majority, he said “It will be a coalition government at the Centre as it is now or has been for the past 25-30 years in the country,” the 48-year-old said. “That being said, I firmly believe the UPA will be able to stitch together a very strong coalition government,” he added. Asserting that he is not an astrologer, he said he predicted that the Congress and its allies will put together a “very strong performance”.
“We look forward to putting together a strong coalition government with like- minded parties which will be the UPA or UPA plus plus,” he said. The United Progressive Alliance, formed after the 2004 polls and led by the Congress, ruled the country for 10 years with Manmohan Singh as the prime minister and Sonia Gandhi as its chairperson.

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