Nine-yr old sexually assaulted; accused at large; people resort to violent protests

Yet another gruesome crime surfaced where a nine-year-old girl was sexually assaulted.

The allegation is being leveled on a man in his fifties.

The incident said to have happened in Andhra Pradesh’s Guntur and has sparked violent protests in the area.

The angry locals blocked a highway and have set a deadline till 3 pm for the arrest of the accused, who is said to be missing.

The crime surfaced when the victim child complained of bleeding and pain in the stomach and the parents took her to hospital


It was then that the doctors confirmed that the girl had multiple injuries on her body and had been sexually assaulted.

The child, on being asked by her parents, revealed that she was raped by a neighbour, a rickshaw-puller.

The injuries were so bad that the girl had to be operated upon, a doctor said.

The child is being treated at a government hospital in Guntur.

Police has assured that the accused will be nabbed in no time.

It is also said that a group also caught hold of the accused man’s son and beat him until someone rescued him

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