Nimki Mukhiya’s solo Goa trip was not so solo

We have often seen Celebs taking their time off from the busy schedule for a Quick break and Goa is the Ultimate Gate away. As spending time outside home and on the beaches, you step out once and fall in love with the breeze for once and for all.
Recently Bhumika was on an unplanned solo trip to Goa but She bumped into some of her old friends and then the trip was not so solo.
Bhumika said, “I could live by the beach my whole life and if given and option on a mountain too. And a person can never hate too much Beach, but Goa is not the Only land of Beaches or City of Church, it’s a feeling that defines thrill in the most amazing way. It has so much more than just its beaches …there are serene locations in Goa which are yet to be discovered. Also, the old architect by the Portuguese, old houses, food and culture.”
Bhumika was seen having a gala time with her friends and not to forget the Special appearance from Dharmesh Yelande. They both share a great bond. Dharmesh is like an elder brother to her. Seems like they all have made some beautiful memories.

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