NGOs will play an important role in the works of Water Life Mission

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Raipur, Mar 17: Director of Water Life Mission, S. Prakash had a meeting with the NGO in the HRD Hall of Neer Bhawan in Raipur. Mission Director S. Prakash said in the round table discussion that NGOs will play an important role in the implementation of the Water Life Mission in rural areas and their participation in the mission’s awareness campaign is very important.
The cooperation of all the organizations is desirable in making the program of Jal Jeevan Mission successful. Water life mission is to be done in all the villages of the state, to complete this task we will need a large number of human resources, which will go to every village and meet with each family, the importance and plan of water life mission. The importance of water quality and water promotion should reach every villager.
All the present institutions should contact the maximum number of organizations and arrange for human resources so that this work can be completed on the scheduled time. In the meeting, brief information was given about water life mission plan by the Chief Engineer, Raipur. UNICEF hygiene expert Ms. Shweta Patnaik said that this is the first program after Covid-19 in which they are discussing around a table. Ms. Patnaik told that a very good work has been done in Gurur development block of Balod district on water quality and water promotion. UNICEF and its associated organizations have also done the work of training water safety and investigation (9 parameters) with the help of women. Appreciating Korba district, he said that Mahua and Tendupatta have also been given as community contribution there. In the meeting it was explained through PPT what role the support agency will play in fulfilling the water life mission. GIS carries out 5 types of survey. Some organizations include Database Managementt, IEC Development is working on how to teach through sports, how to take the plans to ground level, water testing by water test kit, training program through uninterrupted and working on sex ratio with overall development. In the last phase of the program, the mission director, S. Prakash thanked the representatives of the institutions present and said that the representatives of various organizations came and shared their experiences, thanks to this, with the contribution of all, this water life mission can be completed on its own timeframe.

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