New trend of duping job seekers

On pretext of home-based jobs for branded companies

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Raipur, May 10: After repeatedly duping persons on pretext of updating their bank ATMs and providing instant rebate of certain percent of insurance amount on e-transactions, tele-frauds have now come up with a novel trend of duping persons, specially the job seekers. They are now duping persons on pretext of offering them home-based jobs for reputed national and multi-national companies at a highly lucrative monthly salary.
Though an FIR is yet to be registered in any police station of Raipur regarding such trend of fraud, three complaints had already been made in separate police stations and are now being investigated further. Extremely reliable sources in the department have provided Central Chronicle the names of the victims and the amount they had been duped of.
The first victim is Smita Mishra of Ekta Nagar in Gudhiyari who has been duped Rs 81000, the second is Homesh Sahu of Nayapara-Rajim who has been duped of Rs 1.50 lakh and the third victim is a college from Changorabhata who has been duped of Rs 1 lakh. All three of them had been duped on pretext of home-based jobs for Patanjali Ayurvedic Company.
The sources further informed that the frauds get floated classified advertisements in reputed Hindi dailies published from the capital offering lucrative home-based jobs. All job-seekers are required to contact over the given telephone numbers for further details of the job.
On making calls on the given number, the receiver further tells how easy and lucrative the jobs is finally asks the caller to deposit a particular sum of money in a bank account for registering his name for the floated job.
Provided the caller (victim) deposits the registration amount, then the fraud would ask him to deposit further money on pretext of security deposit for the laptop computer which the company will be providing him free of cost for duration of his association with the company. All through these conversations, the frauds keep on impressing upon how lucrative the job will be once they acquire it and
When the victim deposit money for the second time as well, then the frauds attempt to siphon more money by telling them that they have won a company lottery of several lakh rupees and the prize amount will be instantly transferred into their bank account once they deposit the TDS and the commission amount in the already provided bank account number. Under all these vague pretexts, the frauds remain in contact with the victims and keep trying to siphon more money until they refuse to deposit any further money and demand the laptop computer being sent to them with the job details. The frauds now simply stop using the telephone numbers through which they had been in contact with the victims and thus is lost any chance of contacting them any further. Before concluding, the sources added that DD Nagar, Gudhiyari and Nayapara-Rajim police stations are investigating their respective cases through the obtained telephone numbers and the bank account numbers into which the victims had deposited the money.

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