Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli Rumours of Dating

Neha Kakkar,Bollywood singer and Himansh Kohli are rumoured to be dating for quite sometime. While their pictures together speak a different story, the duo maintain that they are nothing but JUST best friends and adore each other without any romantic inclination towards each other.
Speaking about it to a leading daily, Neha said, “Honestly, we just keep on laughing about these reports. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in what they are saying, but it’s not true. Two best friends can totally say they love and adore each other, without any meaning of romance.”

On the other hand, Himansh recalled how a mere work meet brewed stories of their alleged romance. “I had to meet Neha and her brother for some work, and I wanted to discuss some songs for one of my movies.

So, it was a work meeting, but after a couple of our photos got out, I got a call from my friends asking me if I had gotten engaged,” he recounted.

But do these rumours affect them? To this, Neha said, “We might have been affected had we been dating. Since he is single, and so am I, we have got nothing to worry about.”

Besides, Himansh also revealed that these reports even made his parents believe that he had married Neha. “This year, Mahashivratri happened to be on Valentine’s Day. So, we posted a snap together. Valentine’s is not only about boyfriend-girlfriend, even two friends can celebrate it. But people thought that we have married each other on Mahashivratri. My father also called and he was like, ‘Beta why have you married without informing us. We wouldn’t have said no’. That felt a bit bad… that they believed something that was not true,” he added.

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