NCP member asks Govt to enact health guarantee law

New Delhi, Mar 22 (PTI):
Stressing that the government’s responsibility of providing healthcare to citizens is enshrined in the Constitution, NCP Rajya Sabha member Fauzia Khan on Monday asked the Centre to enact a health guarantee law and ensure health facilities for all. Raising the matter through a special mention in House, Khan said it seems that the healthcare sector has become a business sector. She said people are reluctant to go to government-run hospitals because of the casual approach of the staff towards patients in many facilities. She said people go to a government-run hospital only when they cannot afford treatment in a private facility. She said people prefer to sell off gold or property to go to a private hospital rather than opting for a government-run hospital.
“The government should enact a health guarantee law and guarantee the provision of health facilities to all the people through the government. The criteria for health facilities should be decided by the government,” Khan said.
She also stressed that it was necessary to determine a standard operating procedure for the health sector.
Making a special mention in the House, BJP MP Sushil Kumar Modi demanded constitution of All India Judicial Service on the lines of civil services.
He said Article 312 of the Constitution was amended in 1976 for establishment of judicial services on the pattern of IAS, IPS and other all-India services. He also referred to reports of the Law Commission in this regard.
“Even after 45 years of 46th constitutional amendment, All India Judicial Service has not seen the light of the day,” Modi said.
He noted that there is a negligible representation of Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Other Backward Class (OBC) in the judiciary.
“We also wish that proper reservation to SC, ST, OBC is given in the All India Judicial Service,” he said. He urged the government to take initiative and fulfil the demand.
Modi said like the GST and the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, this will go down in history as a milestone in judicial reforms.

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