National Conference on Performing Arts held

Academicians urge to include Performing Arts as Core Subject

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Raipur, Aug 29:

The stage was set, quite literally, for a harmonious convergence of artistic brilliance as NH Goel World School hosted its much-anticipated National Conference on Performing Arts on Tuesday. This extraordinary event, a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing creativity and holistic education, drew luminaries from the world of performing arts and education. The conference proved to be an exceptional platform for exchanging ideas and insights on integrating performing arts into education, a topic of growing significance in the modern education landscape.

Gracing the occasion as the Chief Guest was K Srinivasan, Joint Director CBSE and Regional Officer from Bhubaneswar, bringing with him a wealth of experience in education and curriculum development. The event also had the privilege of hosting esteemed Guests of Honour including Dr. ChitranjanKar, Dr. Girish Pankaj,  Shubhash Mishra, Dr. Sriram Murthy, and ManojVerma, all notable figures in the field of performing arts and education.

The event’s artistic palette began with a series of captivating performances by the students. A melodious rendition of the Chhattisgarhi prayer song and a heartfelt welcome song resonated through the auditorium, setting a harmonious tone for the conference. A mesmerizing Kathak dance performance by Aadya Agrawal further showcased the students’ impressive talents.

Dr. Awinash Pandey, the school’s Principal highlighted the evolving landscape of education in light of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, emphasizing the need to seamlessly integrate performing arts into the curriculum. The conference, he noted, was a significant step in exploring avenues for such integration and fostering a holistic educational experience.

Keynote speakers K Srinivasan lauded NH Goel World School for spearheading the initiative of the National Conference on Performing Arts. He stressed the importance of collaboration among teachers to effectively imbue the curriculum with artistic elements, ensuring a joyful and comprehensive learning journey. Dr. Chitranjan Kar termed the conference as revolutionary, drawing parallels between great minds like Albert Einstein, who found harmony in both science and music. “Knowledge is holistic,” he remarked, advocating for the integration of arts and music across subjects. He evoked Plato’s words, defining music as the science of the heart and mathematics as the music of intellect.

Shubhash Mishra, a distinguished theatre personality, emphasized that theatre reflects society and the NEP 2020’s call for sensitivity aligns with the role of performing arts in cultivating empathy and humanity.

As the conference reached its culmination, Dr. Ashish Chakraborty urged CBSE to consider elevating performing arts from optional to core subjects, solidifying its importance in the curriculum.

Vice Principal Preeti Sharma closed the event with a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing the school’s commitment to weaving performing arts into the rich tapestry of education, enriching the lives of its students.


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