Narva Scheme-Maximum benefit in minimum cost

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Bhilai, Sep 02: Renowned scientist Stephen Hawking had warned that the way man is exploiting nature, there will be existential threat for humanity and human race will extinct from this earth in the next 500 years. The former President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam once said that the way the resources on the earth are depleting, we will have to get raw materials from the Moon and Mars in the time to come and for this we will have to develop the technology.
Obviously, the challenge of saving mankind along with development is as difficult as winning a marathon. However, it is seen that when nature gives a challenge, it also provides a way out. By adopting the modern scientific approach with natural means, development can be achieved without degrading the nature but conserving it. Chhattisgarh Government led Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has applied such innovative ideas in the state. For example, the Narva scheme, an efficient system of water management without creating any danger or loss to the farmers. When large dams are built to save water, there is a possibility of disasters like earthquakes etc. Arundhati Roy once said that Big Dam and Nuclear Bomb are Weapon of Mass Destruction. Big dams and nuclear bombs can bring great tragedy. In Narva scheme, irrigation needs of farmers are fulfilled without disturbing the nature.
Lumati nullah of Dhamdha Block is the most brilliant and shining example of rural development. Over the years, silt accumulated in the Lumati nullah and it had come to the verge of extinction. Under the Narva scheme, the work of removing silt was conducted in this drain which is almost 15 km long.
The drain was revived and now there is ample water in it. With the water flowing in this drain, the ground water was also recharged in the surrounding fields. Farmers of six villages were benefited from the increase in bore well level. The water level has also increased in the villages on this side of Shivnath.
In this project, people got employment through MGNREGA. The banks of the nullah were strengthened and the damage to the structure was repaired. All the jobs required very little expenditure. There are 172 nullahs in Durg district and all are being renovated under Narva scheme. Gradually the problem of irrigation would be resolved and even in case of scanty monsoon the underground water will be there to protect the crops.
In case, some project of large reservoir would have been brought for irrigation, it would have affected the land to great extent. Hundreds of acres of agricultural land would have got flooded in such reservoir. Large reservoirs are required for power generation but the other needs can be met through structures like Narva.
Working of a government can be gauged on the basis of innovations. Small and wise measures like “Narwa Scheme” can become the foundation of development. For ensuring maximum recharge of underground water, there is a need to reduce the velocity of water flow. It can be done by constructing small structures with loose boulders etc. Such work is also being done and Durg district has got such a model of sustainable development which will become a solid foundation for future economic development.

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