Narva programme giving strength to water conservation

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Bhilai, Sep 18: All of us know the fact that life is not possible without water but most of us are not serious about water conservation. Water is not only the basic need of human beings, but it is very essential for the life of entire biological world as well as the flora and fauna. Water also plays a very important role in maintaining the balance of nature.
Keeping all these significant facts in mind, concrete initiatives and efforts have been made by the Chhattisgarh government towards water conservation. The Narva programme has been launched and has been included in the list of most ambitious projects. Under this programme, the work of water conservation has been strengthened in the state. The visionary Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has taken concrete steps in this direction.
The work of saving rivulets and nullahs in the state, which carry water during the rainy days, has been encouraged for expanding the irrigation facilities. Under the programme, water conservation work is being done by rejuvenating the nullahs and rivulets with small constructions.
There are 196 big nullahs / rivulets in Durg district. But still, there remains a shortage of water for agriculture and other requirements. The main reason behind this situation is that there has been no meaningful effort in the direction of saving water in a proper way.
The work was started by preparing a detailed action plan under the Narva programme. First of all, such Narva was identified, which could be developed as useful sources on the basis of availability of water. Thereafter, in the first phase, work was done on 29 drains. As a result, the water conservation works in the district have yielded encouraging results.
Till last couple of years, the average ground water level in Narwa catchment areas under district Durg was 19.07 meters. At present, water is available at depth of 17.29 meters. In this manner, the average water level increase has been recorded as 9.34 percent.
Similarly, earlier the farmers were able to irrigate 492.65 hectares and now it has increased to 565.97 hectares. There has been an increase in the average harvest area of 73.32 hectares. The farmers have earned 502.82 quintal more production than last year. This change is not less than a miracle.
In the same lines, all 196 Narva are being identified and the work of treatment and water enrichment is being done on a large scale. Under the Narva programme, work was done on a large scale in the first phase in three big Narwas of Durg district.

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