MP Vijay Baghel meets Governor Anusuiya Uikey

Bhilai, Oct 22: MP Vijay Baghel increased the temperature of politics in the state with his five-day long hunger strike. Perhaps for the first time such an incident was witnessed in Chhattisgarh, when an MP sat on hunger strike to protest against the arrest of his party workers victimising them in fabricated case. The news of MP Vijay Baghel’s hunger strike spread like wild fire across the state and soon the leaders and BJP party workers started reaching Patan in support of this agitation. Under the leadership of the National Vice President and former Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh, large number of party workers and leaders had gathered at Patan on the fifth day of hunger strike. MP Vijay Baghel ended his fast on the request of Dr Raman Singh in the presence of large gathering.
Later, Lok Sabha MP Vijay Baghel met Chhattisgarh Governor Anusaiya Uikey and handed over written information about the incident and informed her about the situation. MP Baghel made a complaint against the administrative officials to the Governor.
Baghel further said that due to the repressive attitude of Congress government, BJP workers have been framed in false accusations. 11 party workers of BJP involved in the movement against the liquor shop have been victimised in the fabricated of loot and brawl. Case has been registered against Harsha Lokmani Chandrakar, a woman leader who presently holds the position of Janpad Member and is the former Janpad President. Baghel asserted Harsha Chandrakar had not even gone near the liquor store. MP Baghel further alleged that under the political influence, the administrative officials carried out this unfair activity and trapped the BJP activists in false case. Baghel gave a written complaint against the public servants who were involved in this misdeed.
It needs to be mentioned here that the when strict lockdown was imposed in about 12 districts of the state, most of the liquor shops were also closed in Raipur and Durg District. But in Jamgaon – M, a village situated about 12 kilometers from Raipur in Durg District, the liquor shop was open and it was attracting boozers from Raipur as well as Durg. About 10000 to 12000 people were visiting here daily increasing the chances of pandemic spread in this area. Incidents of eve-teasing, quarrel and robbery had also increased in this area. Considering the situation, BJP activists launched protest to get the liquor shop closed. During this demonstration, liquor was being unloaded from a truck and taking advantage of the situation, some anti-social elements tried to loot the liquor. Those ruffians were stopped by BJP activists. But under the political pressure, the administrative officials registered FIR against the BJP activists and charges of loot and brawl were framed against them.

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