MP Vijay Baghel meets bereaved farmer family

Bhilai, Oct 06: On Tuesday, Member of Parliament Vijay Baghel visited village Matrodeeh to meet the family of the Late Durgesh Nishad, a farmer who committed suicide few days ago. Baghel met his father Dillan Nishad, brother Sohan Nishad and tried to console them. Durgesh Nishad, a young farmer, had allegedly committed suicide due to debt and crop failure. Baghel alleged that the people, farmers, laborers, youth of the entire region are with the bereaved family in this hour of suffering and they will fight the battle for justice. He alleged that the state government has failed in providing relief assistance to the farmers suffering from natural calamities. Distressed and stricken farmers are being forced to take suicidal steps.
Vijay Baghel said that it is very unfortunate that the farmers in the state are forced to take extreme steps. Farmers have to face several problems when he practices agriculture by taking loans. Due to the financial crisis, various problems emerge before his entire family. At such moment, the government is expected to extend some support. But due to chaos, red-tapism and lack of vision in the government machinery, the weaker sections are deprived of benefits.
Member of Parliament Vijay Baghel took complete information about the incident from the victim family and the conditions which forced Durgesh to commit suicide. He expressed condolences to the family members.
Father of the deceased farmer informed that his son Durgesh was very upset due to crop failure even after spraying insecticide. The deceased had his own land and had also taken some land on contract basis (Regha) for this crop season.
MP Vijay Baghel was accompanied by Lalit Chandrakar, Dr Anil Sahu, Ramakrishna Sahu, Phatte Ram Verma, Durga Prasad Sahu, Ghurwa Ram Chandrakar, Santosh Sahu, Khomesh Yadu, Raj Kapoor Sahu, Sonu Rajput, Nawab Khan, Raju Lal Sahu, Shubham Verma, Praveen Yadav, Jaslok Sahu, Rupesh Parikh and Shatrughan Sahu.

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