More than 500 COVID 19 patients in Raipur

Central Chronicle News
Raipur, Jul 08:

With nine new cases, the number of COVID 19 patients in Raipur has crossed the mark of 500 cases here on Wednesday.
According to the information received, nine new COVID 19 patients include a Doctor as well as a Police Constable and Hotel employees from various locations of the city. New patients have been found in Simran City Mathpurena, Babylon Capital as well as one each from Phool Chowk, Birgaon and Srinagar region here. While the figure of COVID 19 patients has reached 501 by the Wednesday evening, the patients who have recovered from the infections are 233 people and have returned back to their home. Presently the active cases are 268 patients in Raipur city.

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