More than 30 people suffering from diarrhoea

Simga: At a distance of 6 km from block headquarter Simga is situated village panchayat Binaika where more than 30 people are suffering from diarrhoea and out of them 18 are undergoing treatment in CHC here.

The other victims are undergoing treatment in a private hospital Tilda. As per information received, two days back some people complained of vomiting and villagers contacted mitanins and doctor to give them medicines. The villagers took it as a normal situation but from Thursday evening number of cases started increasing. The patients were admitted in the hospitals of Tilda and Simga.

The villagers are surprised over sudden outbreak of diarrhoea as cases are not from a particularly but spread over in different localities. In between janpad representative Chandrasekhar SahuGolu reached village and informed BMO Dr Chandan and PHE Bhatapara about the incident. After getting information medical team reached the village and started treating the patients and also PHE department staff started sprinkling bleaching powder near public hand pumps. Sarpanch Ramnivas Dhruv, consumption of polluted water may be the cause for spread of diarrhoea. He added, PHE staff has collected water sample for testing.

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