More features will be available in Mor Bijlee mobile app

Raipur, Oct 17: The new version of the Mor Bijlee mobile app was launched on October 6 by the Chhattisgarh Power Distribution Company to make electricity services available to the electricity consumers easily. Many features have been added to the new version of this Bijlee app using new technology. Through this app, consumers can avail more than 16 types of services at any time from home. With this, consumers will get the benefit of more than 90 percent of the services of the power distribution company. This facility is completely free. As soon as a complaint of power failure is made through this app, the operator at call center of the electricty department will start seeing a complaint on the screen of the computer. The consumer will also get the information about the registration of the complaint through SMS. With the help of Google Map, the electrician will reach the consumer’s premises directly. The consumer will get information through SMS as soon as his problem is resolved. As soon as the complaint related to the transformer is received, the system will automatically take detect the transformer and inform the concerned person through SMS, so that repair work will be done soon. Point-based system has also been implemented to encourage the officials and employees of the concerned party to expedite the work related to power improvement. There is also a provision of bonus points for employees and officers if the complaint is resolved before the scheduled time. In the event of an emergency complaint through this app, by going directly and taking a photo of the broken wire and uploading it, the movement the GPRS location of the spot will be informed through the SMS to the concerned. Based on GPRS location, the team will reach the spot directly from Google Map.
Through the Mor Bijlee mobile app, the consumer can now see the electricity bill of self and other 4 electrical connections directly on mobile and can pay the bill online there. Apart from this, the benefit of Chhattisgarh government’s huge electricity bill half scheme can now be seen directly in this app. This scheme has given great relief to the domestic electricity consumers. Presently, about 38 lakh consumers of Chhattisgarh are getting the benefit of half the electricity bill directly. Through this app, knowing the units consumed in the last two years, month-wise, as well as the payment made, can also be seen. Information about the currently applicable tariff can also be obtained from Mor Bijlee mobile app.

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