Mohanji Foundation to launch tribal development project in Chhattisgarh

The Mohanji Foundation, under the guidance of its founder Mohanji, is gearing up for an empowerment initiative aimed at benefiting the tribal communities of Chhattisgarh. This endeavour follows the philanthropic efforts of the Mohanji Foundation and its sister organization, Ammucare Charitable Trust, in Mohanpur, Jharkhand. With this upcoming project, the Foundation is expanding its reach to extend a helping hand to thousands of tribal residents in Chhattisgarh.
“We’re thrilled to focus on Chhattisgarh for implementing our holistic community development model, which has proven successful over two decades in various countries,” stated CEO Madhusudan Rajagopalan. “Regardless of our location in the world, our objective remains consistent: to effect transformative change by empowering individuals and communities through self-reliance, dignity, and pride.”
In 2018, starting from a single room without electricity, the Mohanpur site initiated embroidery and sewing training for tribal women. Over time, it has grown significantly, now marketing its products under the “Ahimsa Imprints” brand. In February 2022, Mohanji ka Aangan was established in Mohanpur, offering supplementary education, English training, weekend yoga sessions, art classes, and sports activities for children. The Chhattisgarh project aims to mirror this success, encompassing healthcare initiatives, supplementary education, skills training, development programs, and spiritual and mental well-being for Chhattisgarh’s tribal communities.
According to Mr. Rajagopalan, Mohanji’s expansion into Chhattisgarh signifies more than just geographical growth. “It embodies the spirit of compassion and global humanism, demonstrating that collective action rooted in love and empathy can bridge disparities and cultivate a world where kindness and compassion thrive.”
Mr. Rajagopalan emphasized that his organization is actively searching for a suitable site in Chhattisgarh with a conducive social and administrative environment. “We ensure that the communities where we establish our facilities receive the backing and support of local authorities and NGOs,” he added. “Cost considerations are paramount, as our organization relies entirely on volunteers and a service-oriented approach. Thus, before commencing work at a specific site, we ensure that all necessary elements are in place.”

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