Modi Govt selling public properties at throwaway prices: Tulsi Sahu

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Bhilai, Sep 06: On Monday, Bhilai District Congress Committee President Tulsi Sahu criticised the Modi Government for selling the public properties at throwaway prices to its billionaire friends. She strongly protested the monetisation scheme introduced by the union government and alleged that the BJP is selling the nation’s heritage and property.
Tulsi Sahu was addressing media persons here at Supela on Monday. Former Minister Badruddin Qureshi; former MLA Bhajan Singh Nirankari and office bearers of District Congress Committee were present. It needs to be mentioned here that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently unveiled an ambitious Rs 6 lakh crore National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP) Scheme that included unlocking value by involving private companies across infrastructure sectors ranging from passenger trains and railway stations to airports, roads and stadiums. Tulsi Sahu said that the union government’s plan of selling public properties proves the “gross incompetence” of Modi Government and its failure to manage the economy. She further said that there are many institutions and public undertakings whose work can be done only by the government because if they go in private hands then the public will be in trouble. Citing the example of Cement sector, she said that there are two or three major players in the market who control the prices. The government’s regulatory authority appears helpless before these cement giants. The indicative monetisation value of some properties in NMP proves that the government is planning to sell the nation’s heritage at throwaway prices to their favourites. During the UPA government, it was decided that the strategic assets will never be privatised and special caution will be taken in sectors like railway lines, gas pipelines, etc. Railways and Airlines have always played vital role in events of wars, etc as they helped in movement of forces and other items. If such properties are privatised or sold, it will make the country helpless in situations of emergency. She questioned how the government will ensure job security of the employees. Citing the examples of several other countries, they explained the ill effects of the National Monetisation Pipeline Scheme introduced by the union government.

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