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SC’s ‘SuSwagatam’ Portal Sets a Bold Technological Precedent

I n a decisive leap towards modernizing court procedures, the Supreme Court has introduced the ‘SuSwagatam’ portal, a groundbreaking initiative that promises to revolutionize the way individuals engage with the hallowed halls of justice.

With ‘SuSwagatam,’ the Court not only embraces cutting-edge technology but also extends a welcoming hand to advocates, litigants, interns, and others seeking access for various court-related activities. This digital innovation, emblematic of Chief Justice’s commitment to bolstering access to justice through technology, is nothing short of a game-changer. The portal serves as an open gateway, streamlining entry into the Supreme Court complex for a multitude of purposes – from attending court hearings to meeting legal practitioners. At the core of this initiative lies a profound shift in visitor management, replacing the cumbersome manual systems with a streamlined digital process. Advocates, litigants, and other stakeholders can now seamlessly request e-passes for their specific needs. Whether it’s engaging in court proceedings, consulting with legal experts, or utilizing the press lounge, ‘SuSwagatam’ offers an array of e-pass options with varying validity periods. The portal’s architecture is designed with precision, incorporating features that guarantee both security and user-friendliness.

The role-based secure logins, coupled with identity proof verification and live photo captures, ensure the integrity of the system while making the registration process seamless. The inclusion of police clearance certificates further adds a layer of authenticity, reaffirming the Court’s dedication to creating a safe and secure environment.The ‘SuSwagatam’ initiative is not merely a technological advancement; it’s a conscientious step towards addressing the challenges faced by visitors to the Supreme Court. The long-standing ordeal of enduring queues under scorching Delhi sun, drenched during monsoons, or shivering in harsh winters is now being replaced with a convenient, user-centric approach. It’s an acknowledgment that technology can and should be harnessed to alleviate the burdensome aspects of accessing justice. While ‘SuSwagatam’ undoubtedly marks a significant milestone, it is part of a larger narrative of judicial modernization. The Supreme Court has consistently embraced technological solutions to enhance efficiency and transparency.

Online case filing, fee payments, and the dissemination of court decisions are just a few examples of how the Court has leveraged technology to make legal processes more accessible and comprehensible. Furthermore, live streaming of court proceedings has opened the doors of the courtroom to a wider audience, including aspiring law students eager to witness the dynamics of litigation firsthand. This shift towards transparency and accessibility not only bridges the gap between the legal system and the public but also promotes a culture of learning and understanding. The resounding success of ‘SuSwagatam,’ as evidenced by the issuance of thousands of e-passes, underscores the significance of its implementation. It showcases a Court that is not only attuned to the needs of ordinary citizens but is also willing to take bold strides to ensure justice is not just served but also accessible. This initiative sets a precedent for other State High Courts to follow suit, fostering a culture of digital accessibility and simplification of court-related tasks. Indeed, the ‘SuSwagatam’ portal embodies a broader ethos of modernization, reshaping the legal landscape for the better. It is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the judicial system and the government, as well as an embodiment of the Chief Justice’s vision. As technology continues to reshape the world around us, the Supreme Court’s ‘SuSwagatam’ portal paves the way for a future where justice is not only dispensed but also seamlessly accessed by all.


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